OpenFeint launched GameFeed to foster cross-platform competition for 90m players

Today the largest mobile social gaming network (OpenFeint), announced that they will be launching GameFeed, which is a cross-platform newsfeed. It features real-time gaming updates from the players in OpenFeint’s network. The newsfeed is designed to foster all types of social competition, and it will launch in a private beta today for developers.

The CEO and founder of OpenFeint stated that the company believes that mobile games are intended to connect people even if they use different operating systems or live in distant corners of the world. GameFeed will connect people by taking a straightforward act such as posting a high score or finishing a level and turning it into a cross-platform shared and meaningful experience.

By using GameFeed, developers will be able to expose their player community through a brand new drop-in widget with only one line of code. Players are going to see a stream of in-game updates that are based on the activity of the rest of the users in OpenFeint’s network. By seeing when one of your friends has beaten your high score or unlocked an unattainable achievement, you will be encouraged to pay against one another more frequently.

If you are a player who opts into OpenFeint, soon GameFeed will introduce you to new gamers, by suggesting new friendships with small changes to user profiles and even recommending new games that are popular among your friends.

Citron stated that GameFeed will help you form and strengthen friendships on the network by connecting iOS and Android gamers in a way that makes playing games much more engaging.