Test Users

Overview The OpenFeint Developer Dashboard contains a Test Users section. Test Users is a development tool that lets you reset a users achievements and high scores from within the developer dashboard. You can also unlink a users facebook/twitter account, or remove a user from a device.

Quick Start

You can make an existing OpenFeint user a test user by going to the test users tab and entering the email address & password associated with that account (test users must have been secured). Developer accounts may not be turned into test users for safety reasons. Once youve added a test user you can reset the users achievements and leaderboards by clicking on the game name, then selecting an individual high score or unlocked achievement to delete, or clicking delete all to delete them all. You can also unlink a users facebook/twitter account, or remove a user from a device. To remove a user from a device, find the device by its Apple UDID in the credentials list, and click delete. Then, remove the application from your device and reinstall it. When you launch the application again, you will be presented with the initial OpenFeint welcome/approval screen. Note that if you dont remove the application from the device and simply close and relaunch the app, a new user will automatically be created, but you wont see the welcome/approval screen.

Alternate Method

If you only have a few scores to remove from a small number of leaderboards, there is an alternate method for Clearing Test Data that does not necessarily require player accounts to be set up as test users.

There are two alternate ways to clear test data from leaderboards. 1.) From the leaderboards page on the developer dashboard, it is possible to show the top 25 scores of an individual leaderboard. They can be deleted individually or as a batch. 2.) Register accounts used for testing as test users to allow scores on multiple leaderboards to be deleted at once.

Known Issues

Removing test user data from the server via the OF dev dashboard will not remove corresponding data from the client side offline data cache. To purge all client side data and prevent it from being resynchronized with the server it is necessary to remove the app itself from the device or simulator. Developer accounts may not be turned into test users. When you enter a developer e-mail and attempt to turn the user into a test user, the message may incorrectly report that it succeeded.