Using OpenFeint with Unity on iOS

OFUnity for iOS Release Notes

IMPORTANT: Always back up your project before integrating a new version of the plugin. If upgrading from a previous version, then you must clean up the previous OpenFeint installation before importing the new package. This involves removing the following directory/files:

Latest Version: Version 2.1.9 (Beta), 7.29.2011

[CHANGED] OpenFeint C# class is once again derived from MonoBehaviour.

Version 2.1.7, 7.20.2011

[FIXED] Support for older armv6 devices [ADDED] OFSDK 2.10.1i compiled without thumb instruction set [REMOVED] Old example projects [REMOVED] Old documentation now updated on the support site [CHANGED] OpenFeint C# class no longer derived from MonoBehaviour; Instead, you just need to instantiate the class [CHANGED] XCode3 AppleScript automation to include OpenFeint framework and bundle; Other minor fixes; Warning for XCode4

Version 2.1.3, 4.1.2011

[FIXED] Unity 3.3 support [FIXED] Auto rotation support [ADDED] In-Game-Notication API

Version 2.1.2, 7.14.2010

[FIXED] iOS4 Support

Version 2.1.1, 2.18.2010

[FIXED] Unity bug where audio stopped working after you open and close the OpenFeint dashboard. [ADDED] More extensive Unity documentation.

Version 2.1, 2.3.2010

[ADDED] Support for challenges. [ADDED] Support for cloud blob storage. [ADDED] Properties for getting the logged in users name and ID. [ADDED] Additional comment documentation for events. [FIXED] Problems with events not getting fired. [ADDED] Additional dashboard pages in ePage enum. [ADDED] C# and Javascript examples in OpenFeint.cs comments to help developers. [ADDED] Events for being notified when a user logs in or out. [ADDED] Properties to get the userId of the currently logged in user and the last logged in user. [FIXED] SetDashboardOrientation now works properly. [FIXED] SendSocialNotification now works properly. [FIXED] Integration script now properly weak links UIKit and MapKit frameworks. [CHANGED] Allow Notifications in the Initialization Wizard defaults to on. [CHANGED] Integration script now checks for the presence of each file it needs to add/change to ensure backwards compatibility.

Version 2.0, 1.15.2010

Initial Unity support reboot