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New Device: Using your existing Openfeint account

If you’ve already secured your account but HAVEN’T downloaded/launched a game follow these steps:

  • If you HAVE launched a game on your new device skip to step #3
  • If you’re an Android user skip to step #3
  • If you haven’t secured your account with an email, Facebook, or Twitter please see the top of this page

Download a new game and upon the first launch, wait for a prompt to enable Openfeint then choose to Use Another Account

Enter the email address and password used when securing your account OR select the I’ve used Facebook or Twitter option if you’ve attached either social network to your Openfeint account. Here you will also have the option to opt in for the newsletter and/or allow your email to take part in email marketing from Benchmark.

If you already have an Openfeint game (or generic Player ###### account) on your device or are an Android user, simply go into the dashboard and use the Switch Account functionality.

If you get the message Oops! There was a problem: Your OpenFeint account was not found or the credentials you provided were invalid then its likely that you never enabled account retrieval.

Enabling/Disabling Parental Controls

[Enable Parental Controls] enable parental control

To enable parental controls you need to have a game with the latest version of Openfeint (ask if the game has Openfeint 2.10 or higher). Once you have a game with this functionality you must navigate to your Openfeint settings and select Turn On Parental Controls. When enabling parental controls, you will get prompted to enter and confirm a parental control password (which is NOT the same as your OF account password). Once enabled, any accounts on the device will not have access to:

  • Chat
  • Instant Messages
  • Forums
  • Profile Pictures
  • Game Comments

[Disable Parental Controls]

To disable parental controls you follow the same steps:
  1. Go to your Openfeint settings
  2. Select the Disable Parental Controls item
  3. When prompted for a password, please input the password used when enabling parental controls (NOT your OF account password)

Enabling Account Retrieval

Open the Feint dashboard (by hitting the Openfeint icon or the High Score/Achievements item in the main menu). Click the icon that looks like a person (iOS) / hit the Android Menu button (Android). Make sure you’re logged in as the user you want to keep. Click Settings (If you see the words Change Your Email then you’ve already added an email and password to your account, you can use those credentials to retrieve your account.

edit profile

If you see Enable Account Retrieval then you haven’t secured your account. Click Enable Account Retrieval. Enter in your email address and a password. Then click Submit. If you see an Account Secured screen then congratulations, you’ve enabled account retrieval!

How can I add friends to my OpenFeint account?

Already know your friends Feint names?

From the Feint User tab press the Friends button. Simply click on + button (iOS) / Find Friends (Android) in the upper right-hand corner and then By OpenFeint name. Enter your friend’s OpenFeint name and you’ll be able to see the OpenFeint-enabled games they’ve played and some of their friends.

[Using Facebook and Twitter (iOS)]

To add a bunch of friends at once, try connecting your account to Facebook and/or Twitter and well import your friends for you!

Follow steps 1 and 2 above, then hit the Connect with Twitter/Facebook button instead

How do I connect to Facebook and/or Twitter?

*iOS only for now, we’re working on bringing this to Android Want to find your friends on Facebook or Twitter and share your accomplishments? It’s easy!

In your Feint Dashboard, click on the Settings button. Toggle your Facebook and/or Twitter Integration to the On position. Well then ask you for your login credentials (don’t worry, well keep them safe) and in a few hours any of your friends on OpenFeint will be available in the Friends tab.

more options in edit profile In addition, you’ll be able to post your achievements and other accomplishments to your Facebook wall or Twitter stream. If youve already connected to Facebook/Twitter but your scores are still not posting

Deleting Friends from Your Friends List

Open the Feint Dashboard. Navigate to the Feint Friends menu. Select a friend(s) from your friend list. Press the Remove Friend button under their profile

Deleting Games from Games List

Open your Feint Dashboard and click the Feint Games button Youll see your list of games owned, just find your game and swipe from right to left to reveal the Delete button! If you don’t have this ability in the game you’re playing, its probably because the game doesn’t have the latest version of OpenFeint bundled in their game.

OpenFeint and GREE Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is GREE?

A: GREE is Japans leading mobile social networking service (official site), providing games from over 500 developers to its network of 25 million players.

Q: What’s going to happen with my OpenFeint account?

A: Your account won’t change at all. Well continue to grow the OpenFeint network worldwide and are committed to improving the service to provide you with awesome features in your OpenFeint-enabled games.

Q: I have an account on GREE and on OpenFeint, can I combine the two?

A: Not at the moment. We’re currently in the early stages and working on ways for players to have a consistent amazing service no matter which platform the games are designed for. Stay tuned!

Q: Does this mean I can start playing some of GREEs games right now?

A: Sure, if you speak Japanese. Over the next few months, GREE will be working hard to bring new social games to the OpenFeint network that leverage our platforms strengths.

Q: Which privacy policy and terms of service do I fall under?

A: For your OpenFeint account you should still refer to the OpenFeint privacy policy located at http://www.openfeint.com/privacy/ and the terms of service located at http://www.openfeint.com/tos/.