OpenFeint Service Shutdown and GREE Migration

Once OpenFeint servers are shut down, what will happen to OpenFeint enabled games?

The impact to OpenFeint enabled games will vary depending on the level of integration. In addition all data stored on OpenFeint servers, including all unsecured player data, will be lost. We recommend migrating your game to GREE Platform to maintain your game information.

If I move my game from OpenFeint to GREE what information will be migrated?

If you elect to migrate your game to GREE, all will all be automatically migrated. Leaderboards (top 1000 High Scores).

How long wil GREE Platform SDK integration need?

GREE Platform is being provided as a flexible and configurable solution for our developer community. These features can be implemented in a number of ways, ranging from a very simple top-level integration, to a deep custom integration.

Will I have to create a new developer account to access the GREE Developer Center?

Your login information for OpenFeint will transfer to the GREE Developer Center, however upon transfer, you will be required to accept the terms of the GREE Developer Agreement.

Will GREE Platform be offering a solution like OFX?

A virtual inventory management solution is on our roadmap, but is not part of the initial release of GREE Platform. OFX is only compatible with OFSDK, and is not compatible with GREE Platform. If you are a current OFX user and would like to learn more about your virtual goods management options, please reach out to GREE Developer Support.

Will OpenFeint analytics be available on the GREE Developer Center?

GREE Platform uses a new analytics system, and data will not be transferred.

Openfeint was a free SDK, will GREE Platform also be free?

Yes! Just like the OpenFeint SDK, the GREE SDK and features are free for the use of developers. Similarly, while OpenFeint charged a revenue share for the use of OFX, GREE will also share in revenue for hard currency use. For more information on GREE revenue share and billing process please click here to login to the GREE Developer Center.

My game is an iPad only game, can I still migrate to GREE?

An iPad and tablet-optimized SDK is on our roadmap, but is not currently available.

Will Game Feed also be available on GREE?

GREE Platform’s cross-promotional tool is currently in development. Developers are encouraged to use Chartboost or Burstly in the meantime. The GREE solution will become available to developers in the very near future.

What user information will be migrated?

Users’ login information including username and email address will be migrated along with their achievement points and friends if they chose to secure a new account with GREE.

What other resources will be available to help with game migration?

The GREE Developer Center is home to guides, documentation and more. For migration specific support tools, follow the links below.