OpenFeint Adds GameFeed To Android And iOS SDK

OpenFeint announced earlier today that we have added GameFeed to our SDK. This is a brand new free to play gaming feature. It is already available for both Android and iOS developers, and it is a social gaming news feed which improves user engagement as it elevates the social activity from OpenFeint’s network in games.

After OpenFeint added GameFeed to our existing integrations, the 24 participants in the beta increased the sessions per user by an average of nearly 25%, and some of them even experienced a growth of approximately 60%. GameFeed improves this because it engages users with social information such as updated player profiles and it gives the developers stronger user communication skills.

According to the CEO and founder of OpenFeint, Jason Citron, the team at OpenFeint is committed to delivering a new generation of social networks with features that are going to help free to play games improve LTV. He added that the sessions per user are a key component of LTV. Moreover, GameFeed will significantly increase the engagement without any additional costs to the developers.

We also announced that the game developers Big Blue Bubble – the ones who made Burn the Rope, Get Set Games – the ones who made Mega Jump, Sibblingz – the ones who published Island Tycoon and PikPok – the ones who made the Flick Kick series will all integrated GameFeed.

The co-founder of Get Set Games, Derek van Vliet stated that since Mega Jump has over 16m downloads, they have tonnes of players who enjoy playing games with one another. They are very excited to see GameFeed help create a more connected community of users.

The OpenFeint-enabled games that have GameFeed already added include:

  • Blaze Runner by DES Games
  • Chop Chop Ninja by Gamerizon
  • Cooties by Imaginary Feet
  • Destroy Gunners F by Shade Inc. (iOS and Android)
  • Destroy Gunners SP by Shade Inc. (iOS and Android)
  • Doodle Grub by PixOwl
  • Fingerzilla by Inert Soap
  • Fly Control by Invictus Games Ltd.
  • Infernus Verse 1 by Motalen (iOS and Android)
  • Infernus Verse 2 by Motalen (iOS and Android)
  • Island Tycoon by Sibblingz
  • Rip Off by ColorBox
  • Sentinel 3: Homeworld by Origin8
  • Speedy Biker Xtreme by Pirate Monkey Studios
  • Stickman Cliff Diving by DjinnWorks
  • Super Scratchers by Ankur Nagpal
  • The Impossible Test by PixelCube Studios
  • Twins Candy by ColorBox
  • Woof the Dog by Fishing Cactus
  • Zoombie Digger by Crazy Bit