OpenFeint is bringing 14 top mobile games to Android

Burlingame California – OpenFeint is continuing to make strategic and key partnerships during this year to bring games of the highest quality to Android. Initially, we announced that we are going to bring our cross-platform social gaming network to the Android devices from AT&T. Then we formed a valuable partnership with the network The9 as well as the $100m Fund9 to allow iOS developers to port their games to the Android OS. Now, OpenFeint is revealing the latest 14 hit games we have brought to our Android users.

We will also be releasing some of our game growth stats. Since November last year, we managed to add 215 games to the Android ecosystem which totals up to 315 titles. That is more than 200% increase in less than 5 months.

The CEO of OpenFeint, Jason Citron stated that by the end of the day, he should be able to destroy his brother’s high score in Fruit Ninja, no matter if he is on Droid X or iPad. Both the developers and gamers agree that this is the reason for why they want to use OpenFeint. Our company associates the significant surge in the Android titles to the growing number of developers who are discovering their platform as well as the benefits of the decision to go cross-platform.

The VP of Marketing at OpenFeint, Eros Resmini stated that at first, the indie game developers were choosing iOS since it was the easiest and simplest way to distribute their product. However, since Google improved the Android OS Marketplace, and we managed to introduce porting opportunities with The9 and AT&T and game discovery, iOS developers are becoming more interested in Android. Our new titles that were released in March include:

  • 2 Infinite Dreams – Can Knockdown
  • Angry Mob Games – Guerrilla Bob
  • Art of Bytes – Grave Defense Siver
  • Clapfoor Games – Tank Hero
  • GameResort – Stupid Zombies
  • Glu – World Series Poker Hold’em Legend
  • Feelingtouch Inc. – Ninja Rush Deluxe
  • GameResort – Doodle Bowling
  • Hyperbees Ltd. – Pyxidis
  • Hyperbees Ltd. – Speedx 3D free and full
  • Orange Agenda – Stellar Escape
  • Orange Pixel – Meganoid
  • Sandlot Games – Snail Mail
  • We came from Mars – Return Zero BETA

Currently, OpenFeint has over 73 million registered users. Thus, the company’s growth is turning into a global phenomenon more or less. Players that Android users are playing its games in 214 countries. The largest audience is currently in North America, but the network is rapidly growing its popularity in Asia as well.