Readme for OpenFeint iOS SDK 2-12-5 Part 3


Version 2.12.5 Very minor update. Removed the updateBadge identifier from OF internals to avoid conflict with a method of the same name that Apple now reserves exclusively for its own use. Version 2.12.4 OpenFeint OFSDK is now compatible with iOS 5.

Version 2.10.1 Enhancements to offline database security Version 2.10 User-facing Parental Controls Optimized OpenFeint Threading

Version 2.9.1 This version is now OFX 2.0 compatible.

Version 2.9 xCode4, LLVM 2.0, and LLVM GCC 4.2, compatible. Fixed spelling of OFSocialNotificationApi Delegate callbacks. didSendSocialNotification (fixed). Approval process and how to build sample app info added to readme. OpenFeintSettings.h information now included in API documentation. Added static framework. Sixed some social notification bugs. Fixed a bug where shutting down OpenFeint and then losing Internet connection would crash. Fixed many many memory leaks. Fixed a crash when trying to access the keychain in OF. Fixed a bug in using %s in HighScores text fields. Added an example to show how to delay OpenFeint signing process. Users can now remove games from their games list. Fixed achievement display for other games + (void)forceSyncGameCenterAchievements was added to OFAchievement.h. Typo in high scores rank fixed from 99.999+ to 99,999+. Can send from a social notification keyboard. You no longer need to be logged in to get announcements and featured games from the OpenFeint API. New threads to enhance performance of server calls and bootstrapping.

Version 2.8 New Facebook API and dashboard screen. Compiles for LLVM. Made deselection of cells immediate on iPad; they now work as they work on iPhone. Published Unity sample project. + (OFRequestHandle)getHighScoresNearCurrentUserForLeaderboard:(OFLeaderboard*)leaderboard andBetterCount:(uint)betterCount andWorseCount:(uint)worseCount added to OFHighScore.h No longer have options in the settings menu for News Feed Integration and Twitter integration since everything is user-prompted before it is sent. Added the ability to share a highscore or achievements from the corresponding dashboard pages. The following functions are deprecated, and no longer need to be called from the application delegate. We now internally listen for these events: [OpenFeint applicationWillResignActive] [OpenFeint applicationDidBecomeActive] [OpenFeint applicationDidEnterBackground] [OpenFeint applicationWillEnterForeground] Added + (OFRequestHandle*)getServerTime to OFTimeStamp.h. Disabled location-based leaderboard screen.

Version 2.7.5 The close button on the nag screens now appears on load. on the iPad and iPhone_landscape version of openfeint on the intro screens game center integration screen is fixed to display the correct game name. Made the percent complete a double for OFAchievements (since that is how GameCenter does it).

Version 2.7.4, 10.11.2010 Fixed an issue where high score blobs were not being uploaded if GameCenter failed to submit, but OpenFeint successfully submitted. Fixed issues where OpenFeint was pulling some information from the servers for the dashboard when the dashboard was not open and the information wasnt needed. Show correctly formatted scores in OpenFeint Leaderboards when displaying a GameCenter score in an OpenFeint Leaderboard view. Fixed returning of request handles on some apis that were not returning OFRequestHandles properly. Fixed the getFriends api in OFPlayer so that we always return you the OFPlayers full list of friends with no duplicates. The sample App now includes a section in which you can launch directly to dashboard pages. Magnifying glass now works on IM input field. OFNotifications text now stretches properly in landscape. The player is now only prompted to login to GameCenter at initialization of an app that supports game center, not when the app is brought back to the foreground from being in the background. If updating from pre-2.7, achievements that are unlocked wont unlock again. OpenFeint location queries are stopped if the app goes to the background, and restarted when coming to the foreground if they were stopped. The GameCenter intro page will no longer say Now Playing , but will actually state the name of your game.

Version 2.7.3, 9.28.2010 Fixed an issue with timescoped leaderboards in GameCenter updating properly. Made opening to achievements page not crash

Version 2.7.1 9.16.2010 Fixed an issue that was preventing GameCenter submission if the player declined OpenFeint

Version 2.7 9.15.2010 Achievements now accept a percent complete. Passing 100.0 as the percent complete unlocks the achievement. Game Center is now integrated into OpenFeint. You may now link OpenFeint Achievements and Leaderboards to GameCenter Achievements and Leaderboards. See OFGameCenter.plist to see how to defining the linking between GameCenter and OpenFeint Achievements and Leaderboards. Also add [NSNumber numberWithBool:YES], OpenFeintSettingGameCenterEnabled to the settings dictionary that is passed when initializing OpenFeint to enable integration. Notification have a new look. Notifications pop in from the top and bottom on iPhone and from the corners on iPad. Add something like this to your settings dictionary to specify where the notifications should appear: NSNumber numberWithUnsignedInt:ENotificationPosition_TOP], OpenFeintSettingNotificationPosition For the iPhone you should choose one of these options: ENotificationPosition_TOP ENotificationPosition_BOTTOM For iPad you should choose one of these options: ENotificationPosition_TOP_LEFT ENotificationPosition_BOTTOM_LEFT ENotificationPosition_TOP_RIGHT ENotificationPosition_BOTTOM_RIGHT Notifications no longer open the dashboard if the player clicks them; they accept no more input from the player. Social notifications now have a delegate to see if posting a social notification was successful or not. Announcements now have a field for the original posting date of the announcement (the date is actually the date of the last reply to the announcement). Time scoped leaderboard information is now available in the dashboard. Fixed an issue that was preventing GameCenter submission if the player declined OpenFeint

Version 2.6.1 8.26.2010 Bugfixes

Version 2.6. 8.18.2010 Time-scoped Leaderboard view All Time / This week / Today replace Global / Friends / Near Me tabs Each page shows the players score, friends scores, and global scores in different sections. The compass/arrow icon in the upper right launches the map view Out of Network Invites Players can now choose from their Contact List and send invites via SMS or E-mail

Version 2.5.1, 7.14.2010 Unity support updated for iOS4 A handful of bugfixes from 2.5

Version 2.5, 7.2.2010 New and greatly improved (fully documented) APIs for: Leaderboards Scores Announcements Achievements Challenges Cloud Storage Invites Featured Games Social Notifications Current Player & other Players Exposes easy to use advanced features such as announcements and invitations. Old APIs remain untouched for compatibility. All new APIs use doxygen style comments. A doxygen docset is included in documents/ for the new APIs. Find all new api header files and documentation in the include folder. Sample application has been updated to showcase all of the new APIs. Added support for distributed scores. A new feature used to pull down a wide set of highscores to show during gameplay. See OFDistributedScoreEnumerator.

Version 2.4.10 (6.10.2010) Fixes for iOS4 compatibility Version 2.4.9 (5.28.2010) Primarily a maintenance release in preparation for OpenFeint 2.5. Bug-fixes Version 2.4.8 (5.12.2010) Fixed a crash when viewing pressing the near me tab on a leaderboard on the iPad after removing all of the iPhone asset folders Fixed some code introduced in 2.4.7 that didnt allow you to use the Compile as ObjC++ flag anymore.

Version 2.4.7 (5.7.2010) Support for universal builds between iPhone and iPad Support for rotating the device while in the OpenFeint dashboard on iPad Fixed a crash bug on iPad that could occur if the game does not use a view controller Fix a bug that caused high scores to say Not Ranked if the player had a score but was ranked above 100.000 Fixed lots of minor bugs Version 2.4.6 (4.3.2010) iPad support Minor bug fixes

Version 2.4.5 (3.16.2010) There is a new setting called OpenFeintSettingDisableCloudStorageCompression. Set it to true to disable compression. This is global for all high score blobs. There is a new setting called OpenFeintSettingOutputCloudStorageCompressionRatio. When set to true it will print the compression ratio to the console whenever compressing a blob. High Score blobs Attach a blob when uploading high scores. When a player views a high score with a blob the cell has a film strip button on it. Pressing the film strip button downloads the blob and passes it off to the game through the OpenFeint delegate. Social Invites Player may from the Fan Club invite his friends to download the game. The functionality can also be use directly through the OFInviteService API. Added post count to forum thread cells Drastically improved load times on a majority of the screens with tables in them Some minor bug fixes

Version 2.4.4 (2.18.2010) Fixed the (null) : (null) errors when submitting incorrect data in various forms Feint Five screen supports shaking the device to shuffle Sample application improvements and bugfixes Updated Unity support

Version 2.4.3 (2.3.2010) Replaced our use of NSXMLParser with the significantly faster Parsifal Specific information about Parsifal can be found here: The SDK will now compile even if you are forcing everything to be compiled as Objective-C++ (GCC_INPUT_FILETYPE) Various bugfixes: Crash on 2.x devices when tapping the banner before it was populated Failure to show a notification when posting the first high score to an ascending leaderboard Deprecation warning in OFSelectProfilePictureController when iPhoneOS Deployment Target is set to 3.1 or higher

Version 2.4.2 (1.18.2010) High Score notifications will only be shown when the new score is better than the old score. This only applies to leaderboards where Allow Worse Scores is not checked This also means that high scores that are not better will not generate a server request Play Challenge button is click-able again Updated Unity support Other bug fixes Version 2.4.1 (1.7.2010) Portrait support is back Bug fixes! Improved player experience in Forums