OpenFeint is adding 3m Android users per month

Since OpenFeint launched on the Android platform 9 months ago, they have seen a powerful growth. The company is now adding over 3m new Android users per month as well as top iOS game developers such as HandyGames, Invictus and Glu, who began to rapidly launch games on our platform. The team behind OpenFeint also revealed that it will be launching 16 brand new titles on Android, which will make the company’s catalogue include a total of 460 live games.

OpenFeint has managed to add 145 new games for Android in only two months. This grew the company’s arsenal by 46% to a total of 460 games, as we stated above. Game developers of all stripes are using the platform, both massive brands and small indie studios.

The CEO of HandyGames, Markus Kassulke stated that OpenFeint continues to make excellent investments in the Android gaming industry. They are a very good partner for HandyGames and Kassulke strongly believes in OpenFeint as well as the company’s social features to boost HandyGames’ top titles such as their newest action puzzle Happy Vikings. OpenFeint accredits its enormous success on Android to a mix of increased developer interest in building cross-platform games as well as the growing popularity of the Android devices in the world.

The SVP of Marketing at OpenFeint, Eros Resmini stated that developers want tools that will better the engagement as well as more ways to make money and of course effective distribution channels to reach players. We at OpenFeint are happy that developers continue to see value in our cross-platform feature set. OpenFeint is committed to building the best possible tools in the business.

Here are the newest OpenFeint titles for Android ordered by the name of their respected developer:

  • Adult Swim – Robot Unicorn Attack
  • Deep Byte Studios – Abyss Attack
  • Distinctive Games – Dead Runner
  • Fishing Cactus – Woof the Dog
  • Glu – Big Time Gangsta
  • Glu – Contract Killer
  • Godzilab – Stardunk
  • Handy Games – Happy Vikings
  • HyperBees – ShakyTower
  • Invictus – Froggy Jump
  • Joaquin Grech – Dogfight
  • Triolith – Wisp
  • TuneWiki – Lyric Legend 1
  • Unit9 – Nano Panda
  • Vector Unit – Riptide GP
  • Angry Viking, Zaxis Games

A few weeks ago, OpenFeint started powering free to play games on Android by launching a private beta. By using OpenFeint, Android developer will have the opportunity to manage virtual stores for goods, issue client content updates as well as sell downloadable content.

OpenFeint currently boasts over 85m total users both on iOS and Android.