OpenFeint Connect is a Social Gaming Network available for every app store and device

All of us remember the times when games could only be found on the consoles in our living rooms and the closest arcade to our neighbourhood. Well, times have changed, and now games can be found everywhere. Moreover, the app stores’ explosive growth has now managed to extend to brand new platforms. There are so many game developers who are rapidly preparing their games for the new devices and app stores. However, most of them used to lack a social gaming network that will connect their users across the multiple platforms.

All of this changes today with the beta launch of the highly anticipated OpenFeint Connect. This is a set of social gaming networks designated for game developers. This API makes it possible for game providers to release their content on every single app store and for every type and model of the device. This will take OpenFeint’s game data everywhere.

The founder and CEO of OpenFeint said that we at OpenFeint believe that games are created to connect people, and it should not matter what device operating system they currently use. By releasing OpenFeint Connect, we provide game developers with the adaptability they need to take their game data and their games as a whole to players everywhere and across multiple platforms. Quite a lot of app developers have been asking us if we support the Mac App Store and now with this brand new API, we can proudly say that we do.

OpenFeint Connect will provide developers with access to many of the most crucial features of the platform. Moreover, all of this without the need to use an OpenFeint client. The following features allow game developers to rapidly expand to brand new platforms and even let players compete across various devices. You can check them out here:

  • Achievements and Leaderboards – There is nothing better that can encourage social competition across platforms.
  • OpenFeint accounts – These are perfect for players who wish to play games on more than one device and platform. So you own an Android phone, but also an iPad? No problem.
  • OpenFeint friends – Do you want to make it easier for your players to find brand new friends, no matter if they are Android or Windows Phone fans? This is the right feature for you!
  • Announcements from the developers – By using this, you will be able to communicate directly with your players to keep them engaged and informed about the latest and up-to-date developments.

We at OpenFeint are working very hard to rapidly expand the reach of our platform as we continue to experience a rapid user growth. There is no doubt that we are the largest mobile gaming social network since we currently have over 65 million users as well as 4,700 games.

A chairman of OpenFeint stated that to really thrive, we believe that the social networks have to be able to work across every single device as well as every platform. After we launched the first mobile social network as well as OpenFeint Connect, we are currently the first and only ones to truly create a cross-platform gaming network.